Hope is the last strategy

I have heard many speakers talked about hope not being a strategy but I have a different opinion about that. I believe hope is the last strategy. And, it is what you need when you have tried all your possible best to get things done and it didn't work out. You need hope to pull through. Hope accompanied with faith. 

How does it seem? You have applied for a role for a very long time and after several trials and attempt, you got into the interview stage. You prepared so hard, researched about the company, your A game was on and you have rehearsed, practiced and practiced. But on the day of the interview, entry into the organization and moving through the elevator to get into the interview room. You got scared, it seems your preparation isn't enough. You were trembling in fear. At that point, you need hope and faith. 

Hope that what you have is enough and no matter what, you are going into that interview room to become a victor and not a victim. Hope is the last strategy after you must have tried all your best. 

You went into the interview room, stepped out in faith, replied to all the questions and you don't even know, if you would be selected or not. But hope will keep you on. You need that hope at the die minute after you must have done everything.

What will you be telling a pregnant woman who is at the point of giving birth and after the doctor must have tried all his best, but the baby isn't coming out. She needs hope at that point. Hope that she would give birth. 

You have read and prepared for the exam. You got into the examination, you did your best. Now, you are awaiting the results. What do you need to hold on to? Hope! Believing that the results will be good. 

Strategy is more of critical thinking but hope is more of emotional and spiritual. It is unseen and a natural force that pushes you to victory. 

Hope is believing that the future would be better. 

Having hope is to be courageous that the results could only get better. 

Hope is what get the deal done and keeps the mind positive. 

Hope is what gives you that optimism after the interview or negotiation. 

Hope is what makes you step out in faith and believing you will overcome that huge illness. 

Hope is the last strategy. 

I have hope that every pain you are going through presently is temporary and I want you to have hope that you will come through. 

Remember that, a dead plant buried and cemented to the ground, will still come out brand new with just a crack. You will come out brand new and fulfill your purpose. 

Keep trying, review your actions and get a reward for it.

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  1. Love your website!!! Awesome! Hope is always a strategy! From whence comes hope is the genesis of ideas that give people options, where there are options, there is creative knowledge working a broader field of opportunities, a beautiful upward spiral that never has an ending where there is home

    I need someone this good to help me out.


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