I could recall, in my Secondary School years, I wanted to debate, I wanted to represent my school but I wasn't given the opportunity. I went for a particular audition and I was turned down. I said to myself "Maybe you aren't a good speaker." 

After Secondary School, I faced more rejections, I was told my English was poor. I was compared with other children. I lose my confidence and let me tell you, I am one of those guys that doesn't get demotivated. But, this time I was down. I was knocked by a teacher and I was told "I wasn't good at writing composition." I felt so bad. 

However, I didn't cry. I started learning how to use basic English. And, I was speaking more and more. I often represent my group at the university to make project presentation. I kept learning, grinding and grinding. I was hungry. I kept teaching others. I was a crippling speaker. 

There was a point, I tried to write some short articles and I placed it on the notice board. I don't know but...someone picked a pen and corrected virtually everything that I wrote. Looking out for the mistakes in my article without picking the message. 

Up till this moment, I have seen many people go to my blog, to check my mistakes without picking the lessons from the article. No matter, how much I get negative criticism, I became more hungry. I push further, I learned more. 

I want to tell you all that today, I have discovered my own style of writing and speaking. I do things from my heart. I write from heart and I speak from my heart. 

I was at a program last month, and we were told to pitch about our work. I watch everyone talk and it was amazing. It was my turn and I was hungry. I devise a different method. I started my pitch with statistics, connected with my heart and I had the best pitch. 

The issue is, we all come to this world with our own uniqueness and you must be hungry to get what you want. Yes it is right to cry. I cried many times, but I don't keep crying. I get back up and keep pursuing my dreams. And, I must tell you, I would have given up on writing when I started, I would have given in into negative criticism. I would have given up on speaking too. And, if I had given up, I would not have the opportunity to speak internationally.

There was a time, I was speaking my truth and someone told me, " I am disappointed in you." I said to myself, "It is your opinion, I am not disappointed in myself." So many times we allow negative remarks to weigh us down. It's their opinion and not the fact. You have to be courageous and resilient. You need a strong heart and you got this. 

I am telling you today, you are going to face rough and down times. You are going to doubt your ability. But, you have to closely look at your dream and reviewing it everyday and saying to yourself it's not over until you win. 

I have borrowed money to attend weekend seminars. I have trek distance to get knowledge. I have had sleepless night, applying for fellowships. I have been turned down several times. I have gotten multiple rejections. I have seen "Sorry, we can offer you a place." I nearly thought I wasn't good enough for those applications. But, I looked at the reality, I said, "I am made for more" I will try again and I will get into all these programs. 

I have received a lot of questions concerning how I earn. And, someone asked me "How do you eat?" Here is my response, "I have been eating from day one" Here is my destiny that I am walking, whether I eat or not. I am walking my dreams and I am happy. I have done a lot of pro bono talk. People have challenged me to charge people for it. I have tried, but that's not me. I do it for the passion. I do it for my dream. That's me! I facilitate at least 50 sessions (onsite and online) in a year , with an average of 200 participants per session. I have been doing this, I am not broken and I will not be broken. 

I was hungry, I kept doing my things. I kept sharing my work. I  kept moving towards my dreams. I kept showing up and someday, sometime, someone came to me and asked me "Hi man, what do you do?" I started talking and talking "I was hungry" You have to be ready to talk about your work anywhere and anytime. You have to know it in details. Through that conversation, I was selected into a program, without having going through any rigorous application. 

Another, was a Youth Fellowship I got into at the same period. I applied 2016/2017...I didn't get any response. I saw the application again 2017/2018. I was scared, I didn't want to try but then if I didn't apply, I have no chance of getting in. I applied and I got into the interview stage. As an hungry fellow, "I started preparing, I asked my friend to prepare me for the interview. I also looked out for previous fellows to prepare me for the interview. I was hungry. I knew I was competing with some tough guys at the top of their game.

On the day of the interview, I got to the centre first, I was hungry. I knew what it takes to be rejected. I saw a lot of guys, in their polished dress and shoes. Some came with their rides. I walked down there and I was on my Jean, shirt and blazers. I never looked at the dressing but focused on the interview. Hey guys, I went in there and I had one of the best and amazing interview. I got into the program. 

I want you all to know that greatness lies in you, but you might be deceived by failure, sometime first failure. Never give up, learn from it and someday, you will have to inspire someone with your story. 

I know I have not gotten close to achieving my dreams but I am taking baby steps, everyday, every time towards reaching it. I know there would be more rough or tough times. But, I have faith that it would not last. 

I am hungry and I will stay hungry for my dreams.

Be hungry and dream! 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Yes, very helpful. Infact, really needed this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, this is awesome and inspiring one from you. Am always motivated and inspired. Your testimonies are awesome and your attitude, responses and reactions towards situations and people are strong. We are who we think we are and we must stay hungry and pursue our dreams. Am so honored to have known and met you. You're a blessing to my generation and may you continue to soar high with God's grace. #bless you!

  3. Lots of energy in the tone of blog and the title reminds me of the famous saying by the great Les Brown "you must be hungry".

  4. Interesting! ! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Nice post. Continue to push forward.

  6. Nice post. Continue to push forward.


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