I am a Nigerian

I wrote last year about why I am a Nigerian and why I wouldn't leave it for any other country. 

Well, I still stand by my words because I was here and I am still here. 

Nigeria is a wonderful nation blessed with human and natural resources. Is it our fertile lands? Or our population ? We are so blessed but then we are faced with bad and corrupt leaders. Yet, we continue to strive and define ourselves beyond our environment. 

I was made to understand right from primary school that Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Yet, the same people we elected deprive us of our right. They deprive us of basic  amenities. They deprive us of quality education and all they think of is the next election. They think of how they will fill their pockets, how they will give I and you Five thousand Naira to vote for them and how they will use us against us. 
Yet, we are deceived by the word "Democracy" 

True democracy is putting people first. Ensuring that they count. Listening to their problems and creating sustainable solutions. 
You may also be thinking I am talking about the people at the top alone, No! Democracy also covers the civil and every other public servants. How do you take your Job? It's none of your business. It is Government work. You work or you do not work. You will collect your salary right. Being a civil servant means you are serving the people and you are part of the Government. So, do your work right but its also quite unfortunate that those in the civil service are even the most corrupt except few. Yet, you also shout democracy. How are you ensuring democracy in your corner?

The fact is, in any country the people decide and a time will come, we wouldn't be able to take it any longer. We will fight for true democracy because you can't oppress the oppressed forever. Nigerians will rise and fight. Fight for true leadership. It happened with the Arab spring. It also happened in China. 

You would not be given justice, peace freely. You will not be given quality education on the platter of Gold and poverty will not just reduce. We have to jointly fight for it. It is our Government and our future is at stake. The future of the younger generation is at stake.
I am a Nigerian and its my duty to speak my truth! 

I am a Nigerian and its my right to demand for accountability! 

I am a Nigerian and by virtue I own the right to quality education (Inclusive Livelihood education, social education, financial education) and Good health

I am a Nigerian, I will continue to represent the Green White Green Flag

I am a Nigerian and I will do my own quota to liberate as many as possible. 

I am a Nigerian and I will remain patriotic as a citizen, do what is right and be credible in all my doings. 

I am a Nigerian and I deserve to be counted and be heard. 

I am a Nigerian and I believe we all deserve a good life. 

I believe in the greater Nigeria!

Ultimately, Nigeria can only be changed by her own people and with her own resources. 

Together we can! 

I am a Nigerian and I am Hammed Kayode Alabi


Happy Democracy Day!

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