The day I was born

The day I was born.

I knew I came to life

I was innocent and the environment made me alive

For every step I have taken since the day I was born

I know it was preparing me for the future

Every troubled have faced, every rejections that I  have gotten

Were teaching me something about life, they were drawing me closer to my dreams

In the process I continue to live

I was alive

I continue to dream

I became free

I had overcome the fear of rejection

And what I see is education

I don't know how I came about what I do today

But I realize that every step that I take everyday is directed towards what I will become tomorrow

Well, I am not certain of that tomorrow

I don't know what it holds

But I am capable of the present

And I won't complain of the past

The past is gone

And I can't reverse it

But learn from it as it provides me with inspiration to keep digging it

Life is so wonderful and beautiful

Filled with whoa and ouch moments

During the whoa moments, we should always remind ourselves of our existence

During the ouch moments, we should appreciate our existence more

Everything you are going through today is shaping you for a better tomorrow

Every knowledge you have gotten is directing you towards achieving your personal legend

Choose your life

Trust your instincts and guts along the line

Take control over your life

Believe in every steps that you take

Make a decision

And, be prepared for many other decisions that you will make.

There is more to that one decision

The day I was born

I knew I came to live and for so many reasons I am living.

The day I was born

I knew I was made for more

Hammed Kayode Alabi

Caption: Mandela Square (Sandton City)

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