There is more!

Ever since I was born, I used to understand that there is more to life and everything that we do. I used to understand that to move from here to here, you have to do the more and be more, because you are more. 

You are powerful, you are wise, you are knowledgeable and you can continue to extend your wings because you are more. 

There is more, to a person who hasn't eaten but got food to eat. He wants to dress, he wants to be loved, he wants to be cared for and he wants to be the best. Remember everyone yearn for a purpose. 

There is more to a mother, who labored several months to ensure you came to life. There are times, she couldn't do the way she likes because of you. There are times she cries because she wants the best for you. There are times she did some odd jobs just for you to access quality education. Maybe because she couldn't. There is more. 

There is more to a person, who wakes up and choose charity rather than get a job, wear suits and tie. There is more to that person, maybe when he was young, no one showed him love and he realized that others shouldn't go through same. 

Then again, there is more to someone who choose to work in the office and choose the suits and tie job. Maybe that has ever been his dream. There is more! 

There is more to a students who wakes up late in the night to read when others are sleeping and snoring. There is more! 

There is more to someone who has been labelled mentally retarded but never gave up and keep pushing towards his dreams. 

There is more and that's why we always want to grow. The human nature yearns for growth because there is more. Human beings naturally want to be heard because they want more.

There is more to every work that we do. Every step that we take. Every air that we breathe, every cry that we cry. Every joy that we get. There is more to life than hating. 

More enables us to stretch ourselves! 

More enables us to put ourselves in others shoe! 

It enables us to see life in another dimension

It enables us to embrace the diversity in others. 

Most time I am always afraid to take some step but then....I use to remember that I am more and I can always spread my wings and impact my world. 

There is more to everything that we do!

Everything that we see

Everything that we hear! 

Kindly comment below in one sentence to share your own version of more!

And, always remember that you are more! 

More than your current state. 

Thank you for reading! 

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