Leadership and Writing

It was a great moment with Rebook Africa Creative Writing Fellows. 

I shared my story on Leadership and Writing. Teaching them practical ways to lead through writing. 

"I never thought I would be a writer, but here I am today, teaching young writers leadership" ~ Hammed Kayode Alabi

I shared five nuggets with the Young Writers! 

1. Have a vision: why do you write? To inspire, for pleasure, to teach or to help others. 

2. Be consistent: You have to work so hard to get what you want. You have to write every single day. I have gotten many opportunities through writing. I got the opportunity to speak here today through writing. There is power in consistency. 

3. Never and ever dream small, dream big: Its not just about I want to become a writer. I want to become the best writer in Nigeria, Africa and in the world. I want to travel round the world with my writing. I want to touch millions of lives. Publish books. Be the most sought after author. I never thought of being a top winner of the African Youth Essay Competition but I made it. I got rejection from the African Development Bank Essay as well as #ThePeaceWriteNow competition. I didn't give up. Dream Big! 

4. Do not give room to Naysayers: as a writer the odds would be in your way. There is a sacrifice to being creative. You will be challenged by your family. They want a secured life for you. You will be negatively corrected. I could recall, in my University days, I wrote a short article. Pasted it on the notice board, and someone went there and pointed out all the errors. He circled everything. I was down and disappointed. I never gave up on my dreams. I kept working hard and improving." Leadership is a journey of self improvement and self actualization. As you continue to grow, it becomes clearer and clearer." Be unique in your imperfections. Be perfect in your imperfections. Share your work, show up and add Value. Do not be scared. People cannot do what you do and that's why they discourage you. 

5. Don't just take, give back: leadership is not about oneself, its about helping others. It is through helping others that we find our true purpose. Build other young writers, encourage them to write. Inspire them through your work. And never stop! Keep moving. 

Ultimately, leadership is influencing and inspiring others toward creating change. Go on and create that change. Write, keep writing and never ever stop writing because the future your seek, is in your hands. 

Thank you @Rebook Africa and Oluwaseun Kayode for the invitation. I am very humbled.

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