You Can, Only If You Think You Can

It was during my 200 level days at the university, I needed to pass the swimming practicals exams to score an A in a particular course. If you don't know, I studied Human Kinetics Education. 

I have been practicing for the exams, trying to complete 25 meters swimming race but I couldn't. I noticed that I give up before reaching the finishing line. I tried and tried again but still I couldn't. 

So, the day of the practical exams came and the first person swam, he did it so well and completed the race. It was another person's turn. The whole class were scared, no one wants to go as second and I did go as second. I challenged the fear in me. I had this self talk that if he could do it, I can. 

I went to the starting point and I told the coach, I am in for this. He said, "for real" I said, "Yes, I mean it."

Then I dove into the pool, I started swimming, I was moving and moving. Then, I got to 15 meters, the point where I normally give up during training and something said to me "You can't give up now." I also had the voice of some of my class mates saying "He wouldn't complete it" I responded inside. I said, "Watch me" 

Unconsciously, I added more strength, more energy, I swam with all my heart and before I could open my eyes, I saw myself at the finishing point. I was so happy and glad. Then, I heard the sound of the claps from my classmates. Even those who believed I couldn't. 

I scored an A in that course and I was happy. 

I learned some lessons from this and I will like to leave some with you; 

1. In life, it might take time to get things done, but you have to be committed to the process, because the process will make you and the outcome comes when it comes. I was committed to the practice and I got the outcome at the right time. 

2. Sometime, being confident is all you need to be successful. If somebody can, then you can. If I can, you can. 

3. The most challenging period, is when you need to be courageous. I nearly gave up at 15 meters listening to those small talks from my classmates but it didn't matter to me because the goal was in sight. Always have the goal in sight and be courageous to finish through. 

4. When people tell you, you can't do it. Say it silently "Watch me" 

5. Those who never believed in you, will later cheer you up. The best way to reduce insult is to keep producing results. 

Guys, I want you to know that only you can stop you from achieving your dreams, you can if you think you can. 

If you find this helpful, drop your comments below. 

Thank you for reading! 


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  1. You defeated your fear by believing you can do it after seeing your mate do it.
    The lesson learnt here is to believe in yourself and never give up until you can move no more.
    When you get tired while running, walk. When you are tired of walking, crawl. The key is to never give up, just make sure you keep moving no matter how you move.
    Thanks Mr Kayfactor

  2. If you believe, you will achieve ! Good one sir

  3. If you believe, you will achieve. Good one sir! God bless

  4. Awesome! You surely CAN only when you BELIEVE you CAN. Most times effort is the minimum requirement to propel oneself to greater height.

  5. so happy
    .thanks for the inspiration bro

    1. You are most welcome but the motivation is mutual too. Do have a great week ahead.

  6. It indeed takes confidence to be confident in taking that step forward. A great piece

  7. Never giveup the key to success

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