Mandela at 100 - July 18, 2018.

Trying to search for some truth today and I got one, maybe two or three. 

I thought today is a great day #Mandelaat100 to share it with us. 

Mandela lived a life not for himself alone. He lived for millions of people. Liberated millions from suffering and here we are today celebrating him. 

As we tweet, speak, do and write in his celebration. I want us to look deep into our acts and ask ourselves are we truly emulating the value of selflessness or giving back? 

Do we really think of the life of other people through our act. 

Yesterday as I was going home from a program. I saw someone threw Nylon and plastic to the ground. That goes into the water, affect fishes. In water fishes eat fishes. So, there is a transfer of waste from one to another. It's either the fish dies or we capture them and kill. We eat this fishes and we tend to hurt ourselves through our act and millions of people. These plastics also take time to decompose. It may spend up to 400 to 600 years. That means the simple act of just throwing plastic bottle on the ground or littering the ground might affect future generations to come. We need to be aware of our act. We need to be the Mandela of ourselves and think about the people around. 

Often we put millions of lives in danger out of not paying attention to what really matters. Sometime because of profit, recognition, power and fame. 

We kill many people dreams focusing on the pictures without thinking of the impacts. We make many people cry, with the money we embezzle to carry out social impact project. And, we are proud to freely work  on the streets, calling ourselves names we never deserves or giving ourselves some shitty title. 

This is where true and servant leaders draw the line. It's not what's in for me but what is in for them. 

Life is about giving, yes its good to receive, its good to celebrate small and bigger wins but not at the expense of other people's dream. 

You might not see the results of what you are doing now. But time will tell and we shall know the true and real servants.

Can you really last doing on those things that you do? 

Can you keep up with the consistency? 

Will you still be able to show up ten years from now? 

More importantly, don't let it get into your head, try to look back and think about how you started.

You may have some horrible story in the past but some tasted more. 

Your story should not break you but should inspire you to do more and give more. 

Be humble!

Be genuine! 

Be real! 

Be your own Mandela! 

Give and die empty. 

Hammed Kayode Alabi © 2018


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