Career Talk for both Parents and Students

Hope Immaculate Comprehensive College, Ijebu Ode, Nigeria every year organize Career talk for their students. I was privileged to be the guest speaker for this year edition. 

This year edition also involved parents, who served as catalyst for child - career development. 

I spoke on how students can identify their talents and use it to impact their world as well how parents can be great cheerleaders, supporters, model and talent identifier. 

Family operating system plays an important role in career development. Two key things are important to help in the development of a child.   One is discipline and the other is freedom. Children should be given the opportunity to choose whatever they want to become and rules/goals should be set by both the child and the parents in achieving it. 

How do we supports our children and help them identify their talents? 

1. Be on a look out: A doodle on a paper can spark a career in art. A recitation of poem can spark a career in poetry/spoken words. A story being told can spark a career in Filmmaking. A spoilt gadget being recuperated can spark career in Engineering. Excelling in Academics can spark a career in Academics. We have to pay attention to all these things and spend quality time with our kids helping them to find out who they really are. The world is changing and its different from those days that we impose on our children. We should learn to nurture our kids and not to push them.

2. Foster your child interest: Enrol them in soccer club. Take them to an art school. Let them join boy scout and girls guide. Encourage them to join the band. Remember don't push but nurture. Through this, they will develop confidence, have high self esteem and become healthy adults. 

3.  Offer Inspiration: Go on a tour with your kids. No matter how small. Take them to museum. Help them to exhibit their artwork. You never can tell where they can gain experience from. Then, always inspire them. 

4. Provide Encouragement: Compliment their work when they do well and when they are not performing. Still support them and encourage  them. Not all children will be first in class. Recognize their efforts and progress. 

5. Get creative: Be the example you want to see in your children. 

Key take aways for students. 

1. Look out for what you love and what you can do. Align them together. 

2. Look out for what you teach others and what people commend you for. 

3. Look out for what energizes you and what you don't get tired. Do more of it. Grow more in it. 

4. Look out for what drains you and do less of it. 

5. Use your talent and what you are good at to impact your world. 

6. When you find what you are good at, show up and be consistent. 

7. Don't just have a talent, meet a need. Do just be an artist, why do I choose to become an artist. Don't just be a doctor, why do I choose to be a doctor. 

.....the pictures says the remaining. 

It was an awesome moment guys! Thank you Tunde Onasanya for the invitation.

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