My Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) Journey Part II

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The d day arrived, the interview day. My first time at the U.S consulate. That was Feb 3rd, 2018. My interview was slated for 10:15 am. I got there 8:20 am. I got there first and I felt a bit relaxed. I also met others whom are now fellows and I initiated discussion with some.

I was humbled because I knew everyone is with their A game. I could recall Folashade, a current fellow just plugged her earpiece and she was just so confident. So, when it was my turn, I was called into the room. As I was moving through the elevator, my heart began to beat fast. I was a bit scared and I said to myself "You are amazing and you can do it" I started saying all sort of positive stuffs to myself. When I got into the interview scene, I was told, thousands of applicants applied and congratulations to you for getting into this stage. I was still a bit scared but, I remembered this quote

"What you know, what you have is what is currently needed, so speak your truth." So I did spoke my truth.

I could recall people always look down on those who studied Education at the University and I know how many times I tried to correct that. I was asked about my background and I shared those knowledge I got from the courses I studied in Education and how growing up in an underserved community influenced my passion for the Educational Sector.

I was asked some other numerous questions and along the line I shared my NYSC Project, the setback I faced carrying out that project. My personal philosophy of life, how I tackled challenges and what struck me the most was, when I said, I write at my leisures. I said, "I shared personal development and leadership articles through my blog. And, I was asked to give one of my quotes. I said immediately,

" We are who we are, when we act who we are."

This is the power of authenticity and genuineness. Be who you are and be proud of who you are. Imagine I lied about being a writer. That was the end.

At the end of the interview, I was discussing with one of the U.S consulate officials who ushered us in into the Interview room and I said, "We would meet again and we did meet again at the orientation program"

Few weeks or a week after the interview, a colleague I met at YPB, whom also got into the interview stage asked me that "Have you seen any message?" I didn't respond. I quickly went to check my mail and I got the congratulatory message informing me of my selection and inviting me for the 2018 CYFI orientation program.

Since then I have been enjoying the lessons, network and diversity that comes with the fellowship. I have met with amazing people. I have grown and I am glad to be affiliated with young Nigerians doing amazing stuffs.

1. Be authentic

2. True failure is when you fail and fail not to try again

3. Review your failure, why did you fail?

4. At every point in your life, you are auditioned for leadership

5. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

6. You are uniquely created, be proud of your being.

Remember, whenever you are in a tough or difficult situation, don't forget to say to yourself that you are amazing. "I am amazing"

I will continue the story at the end of the fellowship, where I will be sharing the lessons and experience that comes with it.

Caption: CYFI 2018 Fellows and Mentors

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  1. Wow! This is taught provoking

    Mr kayode
    Many thanks for your insights

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