Don't be afraid to press the reset button

On a sudden day, I tried to touch the pads on my phone and it was hanging. I tried to check pictures and it took time to load. Applications begin to malfunction and I couldn't use it for several minutes. I was frustrated and felt like throwing the phone to the wall. I never wanted to restore the factory settings because I don't want to lose all important documents that I have. I tried to save some on dropbox but I couldn't save all because some seems less important. After doing that, I restored the factory settings and my phone was refreshed and working properly. I also restored those documents I had saved. 

In life, we have to be able to identify when to press the reset button. We have to learn when to pause and reflect on our lives. Many of us are just like my phone, that began to hang and nothing works on it. You can't move forward or backward. Whereas, the solution is within you and all you need to do is to press reset button and become brand new. 

Many of us are in a toxic relationship, the kind of friends we row with are not really taking us to where we are going. You can press a reset button by getting new friends. How do you get new friends, by attending events that attracts what you want. Maybe you should attend a seminar, conferences and do something new. That will allow you to bring into play new and fresh ideas. Find friends with purpose, that will motivate you. Its said that, when you stay too long in a perfume seller's shop, you will begin to smell perfume. 

Some of us do not like what we do. You can still press reset button. One of the greatest mistake we would make is to press the reset button, when the damage is deep. 

It's also good to carefully press the reset button, when the problem is fresh, by taking conscious step everyday towards achieving your dreams. By trying as much as possible to review your dreams and water it everyday. Even, if it is going to take just 30 minutes of your time. 

The difference between Goals and Accomplishment is discipline. Motivation may keep you going, but discipline keeps you growing. Discipline to stick to your exercise routine. Discipline to read a book every month. Discipline to write every single day. Discipline to say no to some other stuffs, even when it isn't going your way. Discipline to embrace new life that will lead you to achieving your goals. 

Goals still remains the same but it may involve you reviewing your strategy by embracing discipline or changing your routines. Routines that doesn't work. 

You know, when I wanted to reset my phone, I had to save some documents into the drop box and let less important documents go. Sometime we have to learn how to retain some of the good principles, philosophy and habits that we have.

We have to learn how to keep important things and let the less important stuff goes. I don't need to inform us about those less important stuffs. What are those things that drains you?  That takes away your time. That hinders you from achieving your dreams. Identify those things and cut them loose. 

It's rather too late than never. 

You can press the reset button now! 

Now it's the time, you have the key. 

It's within you! 

Thank you for reading. 

Please drop a comment, if you find this helpful. 



  1. Very inspiring... Thank you so much for this.

  2. It was inspiring.Thank you for pointing it out

  3. Very timely and practical advice. Great thanks.

  4. Beautiful piece right here. Thanks for sharing.

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