Don't be afraid to be vulnerable

Most time people admire what I put up here on social media and probably they say I inspire them whenever I speak. I didn't just do that, all I did was to connect my life to the talk or speech. 

All what those platforms had given me is the opportunity to tell the world my story. Those dark moments where I thought I had lost it. And for me, someone is in those moments too and probably sharing my story will liberate them and bring them out of those dark moments. 

And, I can decide to keep it within me but I have learned from Maya Angelou that we get weaken by not sharing the pains we have inside. Sometime, stuffs that I share is to relieve me of my burden. 

I know most of us have been through hell growing up and we aren't proud of those days but we can do something about it and that was makes us strong. 

You might be thinking I am not good at writing or speaking. That is not the only means to tell your story. You may tell your story via Arts, Paintings. You may even tell your story via products or services. I believe someone created a mosquito repellant because about 4 people die in his community everyday due to Malaria Bites and he lost a very close person to it. The only way he could relieve himself is to put the end to it by working on a product and see that others do not go through what he went through. Be Vulnerable to create that product or work towards finding the solution. You can always rewrite your story by doing something about the problem. 

Are you afraid of sharing your own or telling your story? Then I am with you in this; 

You may follow these steps; I have drafted this drawing inferences from my own life. 

1. You have to accept that what happened is bound to happen and you have no choice or power to change it. But it might have happened to you, it shouldn't happen to others and that form the core of your message to them or form the core of what you do.

2. You have to tell the story; Then go out all there and be free in sharing it. Talk about the lessons and how you had overcome it. To some people they would see it as a form of weakness but to many people it depicts strength. It speaks more to your brand and make you authentic. Then people tend to trust you more. 

3. Keep taking action. We can't keep telling the same story. We have to keep working and doing. In what we do lies obstacle and breakthrough. The breakthrough gives us an opportunity to tell a new story which complements where we are coming from.

Vulnerability sometime doesn't mean you are weak. It means you understand that you have had a problem and you are aware of it and you are willing to tell the story to impact others.

Thank you for reading. If you found this helpful kindly drop your comments below.

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  1. We can't tell the Same story all the times. Let our actions revealed or retell our stories. Brilliant inspiration! Viva....!

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