The 4 T’s in a Team or Board

As a nonprofit leader and social entrepreneur, I get questions as what kind of people do I need in my team or board? And what are their roles?

My answers are quite simple and I got clarity about this when I engaged a fellow SDGs Youth Champion in February last year in South Africa.

The answers are summarized in four T’s

Talent: You need people who possess the skills. These guys do not have money or time but they have the skills to take your business or initiative forward. I know couple of a person who got graphics and web designers in their team and that’s what they contribute. Some people might just help with content while others help with financials. As an entrepreneur, whether for profit or not for profit, you have to master the act of recruiting talent. 

Time: Some people do not have the talent or the money but they have the time. They can help with mobilization and get things done. They are the people who will always show up anytime. They will never disappoint you. You need these people in your team.

Thinking: these are the people with bags of ideas. They might not have the time, money and all the luxuries. They might not even have time for mobilization but when it comes to providing groundbreaking ideas. They provide it. Sometimes, I function in this aspect. I might not have the time but I can offer advice and ideas that can change everything. You need these people in your team. Remember, ideas lead to innovation and change the world.

Treasure: these are people who do not have the time, the talent and the ideas but have the money. They are less concerned about the thinking process or mobilization or the skills. But when you bring the idea, they are ready to fund. They often sponsor projects. You need such people in your team.

In some cases, some people have one or two of these 4 T’s and some posses all but in every case, they possess strength in one. It’s left for you to identify that strength, so you don’t get angry about peoples performance. Understand what they are bringing to the table and assign roles based on that.

I will like you take bear this in mind as you work with your team;

In every team there are variety of people all pushing and shoving in different directions and with unequal force. Some shove louder, if you know what I mean. Others are happy to push from the back. Others don’t appear to be doing anything but you will need them for ideas.” – Richard Templar

Go on and get the 4 T's ….best of luck.


  1. True talk. A lot of leaders don't understand this. They'll rather conclude that only those present are active and those absent aren't. Leaders need learn and understand different individuals behaviour and the 4 Ts so as to delegate and move smoothly in a team.

  2. Nice piece. Thank you for this eye-opener

  3. Nice just gave me some heads up.


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