Opportunity Alert: US Embassy, CampusLabs, University of Ibadan partner on Disability Hackathon; Over #1 Million Naira to be Won

The Public Affairs Small Grants Programme of the US Embassy Lagos is sponsoring a disability hackathon through a grant awarded to Mandela Washington Fellow, is sponsoring which will be hosted by CampusLabs in the University of Ibadan. CampusLabs is a social enterprise dedicated to building innovative spaces and programmes that encourage entrepreneurial thinking and launching of ideas on University campuses.

CampusLabs is facilitating the disability hackathon where design thinking will be used to create and proffer innovative solutions to problems faced by the People Living With Disabilities (PLWD) at the University of Ibadan. Through CampusLabs, a milestone is being achieved in disability inclusion in Nigeria as over 100 students on the University of Ibadan campus, working in teams will spend 3 days hacking solutions for improved systems, services, and products for persons with disabilities. It aims to use the design thinking process to create innovative solutions that promote inclusion for people living with disabilities in the University of Ibadan.

Running from the 12th to 18th of April, 2019, it promises to create an opportunity where selected teams are trained on 21st century skills such as  design thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership, and they are able to use this knowledge to create innovative solutions that would be presented to the team of judges.

The winning teams get a prize of 1 million Naira, to run an actual pilot. The top 3 teams with solutions best suiting the challenges the PLWD community are facing, would undergo an incubation period of about six (6) months where they would further develop their solutions into a minimum viable product. Students can register by clicking hack for disability

     Call for entries: 18th March 2019
     Application deadline: 2nd April 2019

All applicants will receive a notification by the 5th of April, 2019. `Applications should be submitted by team leaders on behalf of their teams.

For more information, visit here

For enquiries,
contact Grace via hello@campuslabs.xyz

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  1. this is awesome I had sought for platform where my ideas will be heard.


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