Experience Sharing with Kayfactor 1.0

13/04/2019 we had experience sharing with  Kayfactor Inspires and it was really an amazing opportunity to hear people speak up. Our thoughts was centred around Vulnerability, Storytelling and Empathy. We adopted the participants centred approach and we are glad people could share their story without anyone castigating them rather provide supports, ideas and solutions. 

People could see the strength in their stories, reflect, connect and are willing to do something about it. It was really a learning phase for many of us. 

It was really nice to see the reason why we need to be human, vulnerable and powerful enough to share our own story. 

Tumininu is a medical doctor and she was the only female child in her family and that shaped her thinking and somehow affected her. But she was able to break the box. 

Saheed had a lot of ideas. He is is an ideabox. He is a starter but find it difficult to finish or implement. It was really nice to see how he could work with others and see having numerous Ideas as strength. 

Yusuf had a great idea on digital inclusion for market women but doesn't know how to go about it. It was really nice to hear other people share their ideas of how his idea could work. 

Victor is a fresh graduate and came out top of his class. He had a first class but what next is Victor's problem.

Taiwo is a two time college drop out and his parents never believed in formal education. Taiwo left home at age 17 to leave alone and started his first business then. He applied to work in a British school as a cleaner and rose from a cleaner to an administrator. 

Afeez shared how he was talented but fear never allowed him to explore. 

Feranmi also shared why we need to start small and we should despise the strength of little beginnings. 

Dolapo our guest, shared her journey to how she started what she is doing today.....

Abdulrahman shared how he had learned from his parents to give but find it difficult to receive. He find it difficult to monetize some of his work. 

It was really a wonderful time with young professionals. 

The beautiful thing about the gathering is everyone had the opportunity to be and breathe. It gave them the opportunity to be free and see the power in sharing their own story. 

Experience Sharing with Kayfactor is not about me leading the session. It's about people sharing their own views about issues that concerns them related to the specific topic. 

The core mission of Kayfactor Inspires is to connect people to issues that affects them using storytelling! 

Application would be out again for the next edition.

We actually send mails to both males and females to ensure equal representation. But we had more male come around. We would ensure we have more females in the next edition and we would encourage more females to apply.

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