Guest Corner: Dolapo Olaniyan Sharing her Experience

It was a closed group, and all we had to talk about was VULNERABILITY!!! 

I never could have imagined different sides to being vulnerable and most importantly things that have set us out to being vulnerable. Such is our upbringing. 

Sitting with these young vibrant people, listening to everyone's stories, I discovered that sometimes you may think you've gone through hell but another person has been through worst. ~ Dolapo Olaniyan 

I spoke about finding strength in vulnerability and wearing ourselves like gold-studded cloaks, with pride and dignity, irrespective of our backgrounds and experiences. To be honest, it's never easy. 

For some people, fear makes them vulnerable, some, it's delay, some their parents, some inability to turn ideas into money. What stood out for me is vulnerability caused by parents dispositions to things we do. Some parents do not know but they have ruined their children or molded them into people who can't stand tall. 

However, it's left for these individuals to break away and recreate their world and walk their walk. It is never easy but it's doable. 

Thank you @iamkayfactor for the opportunity. We need more of this. We just created a safe space.

Dolapo Olaniyan 
Guest at Experience Sharing with Kayfactor!

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