Little Extra Saved the Afro Guy

I was conversing with a friend and he shared an important story with me and I learned a lot from the story. 

My friend said, "A friend of his who work in the bank and his colleagues were asked to prepare a presentation" 

So, they all prepared the presentation but didn't go extra mile. 

He did the extra, took his time to create his presentation, practiced, perfected his pitch and had a wonderful presentation. 

He never knew the General Managing Director was on seat. The woman asked what is your name? He responded with a grin "I am Bolaji" and she said "the Afro guy" Bolaji was actually on Afro Cut. 

The conversation ended! 

On a sudden day, the bank retrenched some staffs due to the economic recession that hit the country. Bolaji was among those that were relieved. 

So, the affected staffs launched a protest and troop to the head office. 

Getting there, Bolaji spotted the woman (General Managing Director). Immediately, he moved close. 

The woman saw him and gingerly called "The Afro Guy"" She asked, "what are you doing here?" He replied "I was one of those that was retrenched" Oh...okay she responded....

The woman went to the board room and presented Bolaji's case. She said, "There is someone I want to speak for. I have known this person to be hardworking. I have seen him present and I feel he is too good to be retrenched. I also want him to be transferred to a better place." Bolaji was a staff in Ondo. 

Immediately, Bolaji name was removed from the list and he was transferred to a branch in Lagos and since then life had been good. 

I picked some lessons here; 

1. You need a sponsor to get ahead in life. Somebody who will be ready to spend their currency on you, who have the power to get you what you want behind the close doors. You need someone who will speak on your behalf and say "This is the right person, he will deliver 100%."

2. When you are asked to do something, do it well. It's only when you do it well, you can attract a sponsor. It's called performance currency. 

Performance currency is when you are asked to deliver on something. You delivered and delivered beyond expectations. 

This is exactly what got Bolaji noticed by the General Managing Director. 

3. It's the little extra that makes all the difference - Victoria Ibiwoye. Bolaji gave his little extra and that saved him from from the retrenchment. 

4. What's unique about your personality? Smile, Energy etc. For Bolaji, it was his Afro Cut, the woman could relate with the Afro "It's you the Afro Guy" 

I am very sure Bolaji would not cut the Afro. 

Have a wonderful time fellas! 

Hammed Kayode Alabi ©2019

Kayfactor Inspires

Photo Credit: Aggital Media 

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