The 3 P's and Getting Ahead in Life

People have asked me how is that I have got a whole lot of things moving for me. The truth is not that I have figured it all out yet. I am still a work in progress and I am learning earnestly to be a better person every day. I will like to share three P’s that could help you get ahead in life and spring you from Point A to the ideal place you had like to be;

Caption: U.S consul General Award Recipient speech

Power of Sharing

One of the things that had work for me moving forward is putting my work out there. I have realized that the best way to get others to join your cause is to share and you have to share consistently. This means you have to tell your own stories because nobody can tell it better than you. When you tell your stories and talk about your work, you attract a sponsor. That is someone who will believe in your cause and ready to support to any level.  I am a true example of this. 

You also attract a comrade, people who hate what you hate and ready to fight alongside you to end an injustice. You attract people who will continue to evangelize your work when you are not there. But those people can’t if you don’t put your work out there. So, audit your friends, and get as many sponsors as possible or potential sponsors as well as get as many comrades and evangelizers as possible. People who actually care about the cause you believe in. 

People can only speak for you, when they have access to your work. 

Power of Platforms

I have learned that sometime you need to be affiliated with a platform to get some certain privileges and opportunities. Platforms give you the opportunity to learn things you would have spend millions to learn and get. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your work and project your work better because of the power it possesses. For instance, I am a mentor for the princess Diana award, Diana award is one of the largest non-profit, charity and humanitarian organization across the world and in the U.K. It’s one of the few organizations that get supports from the Royalty. Being affiliated to such organization, may get me some certain privileges and allow me to easily connect with people that matters. Same as benefiting from the U.S Consulate Programmes. I can never underestimate the power of seeking platforms. Recently, someone from one of the platforms that I belonged to; reached out to nominate me for a particular global award. That’s the power of platforms. 

When you also get the platform, do not just keep quiet; add value, because if you fail to do so, you will find it difficult to get all the benefits that is attached to it. 

There are also ways you seek platforms, seek platform that speak to your strength and career trajectory and you would definitely be a big game changer that contributes toward the success of the platform. 

Every platform wants to be associated with a star. So you must contribute. 

Power of Networks

Never underestimate the power of people you build relationship with. You get good network, by working on the first 2 P’s. You find them by sharing important message and adding values. You also get them by the meaningful relationship you had build with the people you meet, when you have access to a platform. Good network doesn’t happen in a day. It might take several months or even years of relationship building and meaningful contributions you have had in each other’s work. Networking with people that matters can change your life and help you get ahead in life. 

When you meet people that matters, create an appealing first impression

Read about their work and do not forget to reach out and tell them how amazing they are and how you look forward to benefitting from each other’s wealth of experience.  

Ultimately, Sharing + Platforms = Meaningful Network

Never and ever underestimate the power of putting your work out there and seeking platforms. It helps on the long run and helps you get ahead in life. 

Hammed Kayode Alabi ©2019


  1. Thank you very much. I will begin to implement these 3 P's

  2. Thank you Mr Kayode Alabi 😍😍😍

  3. Thank you for sharing. Keep inspiring us!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Keep inspiring us!


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