The Pandemic Malady

By Fawaz Bello

Emerged from an Animal Source, Affecting both the Rich and the Poor, Which until now, There hasn't been a definite cure.

The most populous country is where the catastrophic ailment rose, Causing Schools, Churches and mosques to close.

Devoid of clear definition, its mode of spreading, Travelling the world with an unimaginable acceleration.

It's a plague that doesn't care, Its type is just too rare.

Separating loved ones from one another, Turning hugging and kissing a prohibition between father and mother.

Frightening both the aged and the young, Resulting into an inexplicable phobia for all.

Earth is suffering from a pandemic Malady, It's high time we found a gigantic remedy. More than 7.7 billion people are on the Battle-ground with just a Hidden virus!!! WE WILL WIN

Fawaz Bello is a young and inspirational writer! He is a DesignIT Alumnus


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