Africa is one of the biggest places to get opportunities. I believe that challenges are the keys to development and sustainable solutions.

Africa for one has a lot of challenges she's battling with today, as well as people who are ready to give in to entrepreneurship and leadership to help ship Africa out of her challenges.

Over the years, a lot of amazing ideas have died because of the habit of young ideators who do not look beyond what they see; their main focus is what bred today's discussion, they say they are "Too broke to ignite". They always look for a social business that will get everything, right from the start. They complain there is no money, no hands, no support and so no future.

From my side as a young social entrepreneur, this is what I see:

Every business idea you develop, whether profit or non-profit should address a social need. A lot of us want to run businesses that will lead back to us, not putting our society in mind. The truth however is, the impact is not a choice it is very mandatory. Every individual living in society has a duty; to contribute to growth in such a society. Therefore your business ideas have to mostly focus on meeting societal needs. This is because Life is giving and taking, you can never reap where you don't sow. The same way you can't expect an idea that is not helping humanity to thrive and grow in an environment humans dominate.

A lot of people because of fear of domination do not pitch their idea to people. The truth, however, is that in as much as you should start regardless of the hands you have on the ground, you need to build your network. Be ready to talk to trustworthy, experienced individuals who can help guide you. While doing this you have to be careful, but it is a very important process. Don't miss it!

Impact comes first: A lot of people do not know that money isn't the most important thing when it comes to effecting an idea. Nobody wants to work with a solution provider that succeeds only at the mouth. They want to see something concrete they can work with. If you don't start, you can't get this. So, just Start. Leave the money aspects of the project and work on aspects that need little or no money to kickstart. That way you can build a standard story to tell.

Volunteer: This is one of the charms to becoming a good and supported social entrepreneur at this age. You need to build your circle of influence and network. This you can do by volunteering for individuals and organizations that do related things. Do the research and look for opportunities to volunteer. People are usually ready to talk to someone who is very experienced and won't let their help down. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!!!

Propose uniqueness: A lot of people have pitched ideas to people, organizations but got rejected because they do not have anything different from other ideas that have been pitched and supported in the past. Therefore they get no support. They then resort to their thoughts "I am too broke to ignite".
What unique value is your idea proposing that can convince people to support you and trust their support with you? Dare to be different with approaches to solving societal problems!

There are a lot of things that new Startups ought to consider instead of focusing on the lack of funds and support. These are some of them. It is important to put these things in place before anything else.

I hope this helps you find yourself and get on your feet instead of complaining and giving excuses.
Get inspired!!!

Deborah Benjamin ©2019.

I hope you were inspired by this. Don't forget to share with your contacts, comment or ask questions. Let us heal our world with the power of the ink.

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Deborah Benjamin is 18 years old and a young entrepreneur.  She currently directs Save A Girl Africa and volunteers for startups that have progressed and also regressed.


  1. Interesting write up! I got to pick one or two things that relates to impact of one’s idea on society. Very important!

    Well done Deborah!

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