My Story and Studying Africa and International Development at the University of Edinburgh through the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship

 ”No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come” ~ Victor Hugo


In 2001, I lost my mum to a severe health condition. She was getting better but she gave up. I could recall my dad taking her from one hospital to another.

In 2005 and 2006, my dad became so sick and his business crumbled. He became unemployed and struggled with business. I could recall a day when he came to me and said, ”We would not be able to afford what we used to afford”

In 2009, we were asked to pack away from our rented apartment in Bariga, and that would have left us homeless for the first time but a neighbour saved us. This is where I learned the power of relationships.

As a young growing boy, who has lived in three different slums and spent most of his early years working in under-served communities. I have come to realize that my problem is not just limited to me. It affects everyone and I can't just sit down and do nothing. I believe to solve many of these challenges we need to invest in the younger generation to solve the problems presented to them at birth. We need to empower them with the right education to dream and create opportunities for them to thrive.

We need to ensure that my mum would not have to die because we live in an economy where even the middle class can access good and quality health care. Where my dad can bounce back despite going through challenges in his business through small and business loans.

Some of these issues are tied around economic and social mobility.

We need to create a world where ordinary citizens can dream and where you and I as a young person can have a seat at the table and we can promote youth-friendly policies.

I have watched some of my friends that we play football together lost their lives to a failed society because no one cares.

Young people have the power to create change right now and we have to think about them and the future generations.

This is the premise of my acceptance into
The University of Edinburgh
School of Social and Political Science to Study Africa and International Development. I look forward to leading continental change and positioning young people to be at the forefront of leading that change. I hope this will be the start of something new that a young boy in Makoko deserves access to good and quality education and the
Mastercard Foundation
scholarship can make that happened. And because of that, I am giving hope to other young people too that they can dream and deserve a better life and a better future.

I know this is not the beginning and the end but this is the start of something greater and I can’t wait to pass the baton down and continue to inspire my generation and the future generations to come.


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