Dear Young Person

Dear Young Person,

I understand we go through pain every day trying to find our calling and who we really are.
In the process, many people would talk down on us because we are trying to find and shape our paths.
We will attend many programs trying to find answers to many of the questions in our minds.
Sometimes we get the answers we are looking for and sometimes we leave worse than we came.
People will give us several pieces of advice and whenever we read some articles, it's as if fingers are being pointed at us all the time. I have been there! Until I realize that I have the right to choose what makes me happy and sad.
We read the good news of others and we feel when would ours come or wouldn't it come at all.
For me, I have learned to pick lessons from the good news of others and understand what makes them outstanding.
I greatly learn from other people's successes and what I have learned is for every good news, there are multiple rejections and they have learned to trust the process.
However, the future and road seem blurry. You are getting tired and worn out. You cry inside nearly every day.
People who are close to you are aiming for you a better and brighter future but there you are and you have no clue what the future holds.
The truth is everything you are going through today is preparing you for a greater future and you will understand why you are going through them.
It will teach you the power of process and in the process, you will learn what you are good at and rise.
The people you meet in the process, the network you built, the volunteering experience; they are actually preparing you and you have to trust it.
The people you are meeting today, you are meeting them for a reason and everything you are going through is happening for a reason and greater purpose.
The numerous conferences and seminars you are attending are preparing you for that future and you cannot see it now but you have to trust the process, the people, and most importantly your work and what drives you.
You also have to learn how to be humble, respect other people's ideas, learn and appreciate the perfections and imperfections of other people and do not forget to be grateful for what you have and how far you have come.
Our journey is uniquely different, sometimes people make it at sunset and others at sunrise.
Learn to trust the process and appreciate the amazing person that you are!
You are becoming!
Hammed Kayode Alabi ©2019

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