10 Ingredient of Success

I read through a recent interview with the African Richest man and a business tycoon Aliko Dangote and I can decipher great messages. I will be sharing with us the great lessons decoded from the interview session. It will help you in building a fortress for your endeavour, business or NGO's.

1. Dream big and take that small step. Nurture your dreams and watch it grow but in the process you have to be aggressive and set goals. Face your goals with passion.

2. Believe you can pull through anytime and always aim for the top.

3. Be a person of good character and have integrity... Integrity is cash.

4. For every business or NGO impact is at the top before wealth or recognition. What problem are you solving for people? People will pay for problems you proffer solutions to...

5. Open mindedness: be free, simple and have time for your family and friends. They can give you tangible information to grow.

6. Talk less and pray more. Also, never spread yourself too thin, focus on one business at a time and have your major area of interest. You see others thriving in tech and you also want to do tech. It doesn't work that way.

7. Do your research adequately before going into business or any endeavour.

8. Put your country and continent at first and you don't look elsewhere to solve problem. All you need is all you have.

9. Be free to make mistake and lose money, you will learn big from it. When you lose money, you didn't lose, you just paid for school fees.

10. You cannot do it alone, you need a team but you have to be aggressive as the leader and head the transformation.

Be inspired to be successful at what you do. Do not wait for luck, create your own luck by getting started. Thank you for reading!
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