Cheer Up

At a point in my life, I wanted to lose hope because things were not working out the way I have planned. I looked at left, I saw my friends living fine and have gotten a well paid job. I looked at the right I saw young guys driving great cars and I sighed.

Then, coming down to social media, I saw amazing young guys doing great things and I chuckled and giggled. I picked up my folder, I checked all my certificates from beginning to the end, my best graduating students award and before I could realize I am already caught up with life. Life can never and will never be rosy at all time. There are times things will work out smoothly, there are times things are going to go hard, tough and bad. Never give up and cheer up. Appreciate people who already made it, appreciate their work, do not envy them negatively rather they should challenge you to greatness.

Whenever life throw stones at you, just smile and cheer up. Whenever, you are beaten by life and you are down. Get up and cheer up. Whenever, you are buried by life troubles and environment. Germinate like the plant, grow tall and cheer up. Leave your worries behind you, the past is gone, focus in the present and look ahead to the future. It is never too late to start. Did your uncle promise to fund you for your project or new business but he did not come through. Do not blame, rather cheer up and remain strong. Do you see your friends growing and it seems you are trying but seem not to move. Take life easy and cheer up. Did you lose everything and you are just left with you alone and you seem to commit suicide, do not worry and cheer up. So whenever you are down with disappointment, failure and circumstances. Remember to always cheer up and try again.

Cheer Up! Cheer Up ! Cheer Up
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