A great lesson to be learned from squirrels

Earlier today, I stay glued to my T.V to watch Natgeo Wild world and I was amazed by the approach of squirrels to things.

A pole was planted to the ground and food was placed at the top for birds to feed but there was this particular squirrel depriving the birds from feeding.

Now, how do you think the squirrel mount the pole? It first studied the pole before it finally climbs and hit the target.
Anyway, the pole was changed to several other poles but the squirrel studied and still triumphed.

So, added to the pole was grease, the squirrel studied the pole as usual and climbed but failed.

It tried again and again but failed. After every failed attempt it edges closer to the top of the pole and for that day it could not reach the top to feed.

It returned the next day again to continue the journey and once again triumphed. 

Another pole was placed again, this time around a boxed shape pole and the squirrel studied and begin another trial to get the food.

Four lessons to be learned from the squirrel:

1. It studied before climbing and climbed after completing the studying, before you engage in anything ensure you know about it and after adequate knowledge, start and make mistakes.

2. After several attempts trying to reach the top for the feed, it never gave up, it kept on trying and trying and trying. It even did took a break, came back and won.

Sometimes, whenever we fail at first attempt, we give up...some will even keep trying until they lose their lives in it, you need to take a break and get back to work.

3. After several attempts it get better and edge closer to it goals. Sometimes, when we fail at an attempt, we do not learn from it rather we quit.

The more you attempt, the more you edge closer to your success. I believe we all know that Thomas Edison failed 1000 times to create the bulb and his 1001st trial birthed the bulb to life. Always learn from your failures.

4. When it hit the goal, when it lastly had success. It did not celebrate for too long but get back at work. In life, when we get a task done or we are successful at one endeavour, we should learn and celebrate for just 24 hours and get back to work, because time waits for no man.

Let's try to copy the act of the squirrel, we should think before we act, we should attempt and not give up at first attempt and we should keep trying until we hit the target. We should not celebrate success for too long but remain focused for the next task ahead.

I am inspired by the squirrel and I guess you are too.

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