What are the Ghost Standing in your way?

After my Nysc, I was faced with many different challenges, trying hard to find my way, trying so hard to create a niche and impact. Many things came through my mind and I was thinking of becoming different things. I wanted to create an NGO, participated in Multilevel Marketing and even said I would not work for anyone.
Then, I was beclouded by fear and thinking of what other people would say, "Kayfactor not doing anything".I was thinking of people saying, Kayfactor where are you working now? or what are you doing now? All those questions and pressure led to three ghosts which always stand in our way when trying to find our way. These ghosts are Fear, Doubt and Indecision. indecision when combined with doubt will lead to fear.

Most times, we worry about what people or others will say without considering our vision and happiness and this is one of the philosophy of disaster clouding our vision. I overcame these ghosts by taking action and that led me to finding my way and now I am happy.  Well, it all started from reading and taking courses and that was how I found my way. I recently took a leadership course online, Vantage Point and it completely refined/reshaped  and taught me not how to say yes to everything. It gave me a sense of direction. We have to learn how to remain focused and stubborn when it comes to achieving our vision, so people will not becloud our judgement through their negative suggestions. There are some people in this world, who tend to notice the hole in the doughnut and not the doughnut itself. They analyze people who have failed and pass the negativity to others. You will hear them most of the times saying Mr A tried that then, he wasn't successful, better don't try it at all. They will fill your mind with fears and will never share any success stories. These set of people would never see good in what you do and if not careful, you will be infected by them and they will create in you fear, doubt and indecision.

Napoleon Hill said and I quote, "life is a checkerboard, and the player opposite you is time. If you hesitate before moving or neglect to move promptly, your men will be wiped off the board by time. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate indecision. Furthermore, if you are easily influenced by others, you are yet to master yourself. Nobody can tell me I cannot do it, I am the only person that can tell myself I cannot do it. You are your worse enemy and it is only you that can overcome you.

Be resilient.

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