You will be heard some day

I was at Ilorin some months ago to facilitate an Exercise program. Well, it was an interesting program but after the exercise I was trying to motivate some set of young people but they failed to listen.
I was trying to share some important messages with them but it was as if I am disturbing. Well, I was thinking probably students are yet to see how the outside world seem and how people hustle to get themselves paid. Well, I was not really happy about it but I said to myself that some day I will be heard.

In life, persistency and consistency is the key. The more you try to do something and you fail at it, the more you get closer towards achieving your success. You might have a great dream, beautiful messages to pass on but you need courage to hold on. At first, people won't hear you out. People won't hear you out but surely your turn will come. If you stay long in a babers shop, no matter how long you stay, sooner or later you are going to get your hair cut. No matter how tough it may seem and how long it takes to achieving your dreams and vision. You will surely get your turn. To get your turn, you have to be patient, you need persistency and consistency.

Free your mind, empty out all negativity, empty out your worries, fear, disappointment and uncertainty. Believe in your dreams, be strong for it and never stop working towards achieving it. You will be heard someday and your story will be inspiration to others. Before you can conquer the world, you have to conquer self first. You are your worse enemy.

To be heard, you have to work. Work and the world will be at your feet.

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