Always ask yourself Why and not Why me

Why? I started a business and it failed in the first three months. Why? Is it because I never had a business plan? Is it because I never gave job description? Is it because I am not doing what is expected of me as a leader? Is it because there is no good working environment? Or is it because my workers are not motivated? Ask yourself why and series of questions.

Why? I applied for fellowships for 15 times and I wasn't selected for any. Why? Is it because I am yet to make any remarkable impact in my community? Is it because I do not have a revenue model to sustain my organization? Is it because I am always in haste in submitting my applications or is it because I didn't review my application before submission? Ask yourself; why?

Often and always, leaders ask questions about why something did not work the way they have planned or strategized. But people often make the mistake of blaming themselves and ask why me? Instead of tackling the situation, they focus on themselves and hurt their self worth. You often hear them say why me? They start asking series of questions and in the process degrading their self worth. Is it because I am not good enough...they often utter this. You hear them blaming the assessor or the application review team. They will always ask the why in the wrong way.

My candid advice; whenever you are faced with challenges or failure; ask the right why and build solutions with your answers. Brian Tracy quoted that, "great leaders and successful people avoid the word what if or only if and focus on how they can use the present to better the future. Successful people ask why not why me? Thank you for reading! Please If you find this helpful. Drop your comments below.

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