Have a Beginner's Mindset

The reason why most of us have failed to grow is because we are stiffened to change and without that change we can never grow. No matter your age, approach every situation with a beginner mindset. A beginner is always willing to learn, open to correction and remain positive.

Years ago, my cousin, Toheeb Abdulsalam was finding it difficult to interact and relate with people. He was an introvert and it is not his fault but personality. However, I was amazed by Toheeb's attitude towards this issue. He knew beforehand that to survive as an entrepreneur, he has to network and build relationship. So, Toheeb seeked the opportunity of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), a year program for Nigerian graduates to develop his networking skills. He volunteered to join the band team. He had also stretch himself by joining several network marketing companies, where he learned how to speak and relate with people. He volunteered as a radio presenter...and many more. Today, Toheeb has made a lot of network and has been invited to speak in several occasions.

John Maxwell said, "If your attitude is like that of a beginner, you have no image to uphold and your desire to learn is more stronger than the desire to look good. You aren't as influenced by preset rules or so called acceptable thinking." Toheeb did the same, he trekked distances to get the opportunity to speak at event and learn. Sometimes, he had to sleep hungry, after spending all he had to buy books or attend seminars. He said, "when I noticed I want to get sick or feel ill, that's when I eat good food."

For growth to take place, one have to leave his comfort zone to his/her capacity or creativity zone. A zone that promotes learning and development. To survive in this zone, you have to be curious and approach learning with the beginner mindset. Thank you for reading! Pls let me know if you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.


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