Elevate Your Game

I was at the American Corner CChub today for the Elevate Your Game Event and I was elevated  in knowledge and Networking. Let me quickly share my experience at the Event.
1. I was carried away by the quote of Maya Angelou placed in the hub. The quote said, "success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it." This was talking to me directly. You see me most times involving myself in Youth and Leadership Development, you see me passionate about inspirational writing and Speaking. I am wired to do all those stuffs. It's what I love to do and I like myself for whom I am and I will become. I will never look down on myself and make sure I make each day count by doing what I love not what people think I should be. Self love is important guys.

2. I got to understand that practical knowledge is important. If you want to have knowledge about a particular skill, intern in it. Gather field experience, classroom isn't enough.

3. I learned that every purpose is personal but not private. Your purpose is your life, you own it and take responsibilities for it. If you fail, is nobody's fault but yours. To elevate your game, you have to take responsibilities. Elevate your game means increasing the value you are creating. Measure your value. Is it high or not?

4. Life is an invitation to contribute not to consume. If you are not contributing, you will surely be consumed. How are you contributing to your community? Is it entrepreneurship, is it capacity building?  However, the easiest way to terminate insult, is to keep producing results and you need to elevate your game to do that. I attend programs to elevate my game and build my network. Guys, elevate your game.

5. Life is in phases. A time of struggle, a time of surviving from the struggle,  a time of success and a time of significance. Success and significance can only surface, when you are consistent and your passion and interest align with purpose.

Guys, opportunity will not come to you in your bed. You have to go out to hunt. I got the opportunity to talk with several amazing young guys doing exploits and I got an interview with Fisayo carrying out research for an international Organization on Youthfulness.

Ultimately, build capacity. Capacity trumps Title.

Drop your comment below and let's share views.


  1. I am so elevating my game now. I love this wonderful piece. You inspire me a lot more. God bless you

    1. I am glad I did inspire you. Yeah...elevating our game is a daily routine. Amen and God bless you too.

  2. I am now uplifting myself boss by ready as a volunteer

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