Dare Big, Dream Big

I was at a seminar last week Saturday at Ogba Sporting Club, Lagos and as I was observing the environment. I saw a newspaper posted at the entrance of the sporting hall. It was a news of a young female
talented tennis player, "Edward Marylove." I am challenged by this young girls feat and you should too. She made a remarkable feat at the age of eight. Mary was to compete in the CBN championship and her opponent was 12...I mean 4years older than her. I shouted wow.

However stunned by Marylove's statement. She said, "I am not scared of older opponents. I always feel I can beat anyone on the court. I knew from the beginning I was going to win based on the training I got." She won that match 6 - 2. I think it was a final...yes it was.

Again, this got me wowed....Marylove possess great intelligence and her passion for the game cannot be overemphasized. She said, "I have started studying moves from multiple grand slam champion, Serena Williams. In 2012 Olympics, I watched her play in the final and I thought I could be like her or even better." I can never doubt her ambition. Dare big, dream big. Hmmm....

Marylove started tennis when she was four years and six months old. Her coach, which happened to be her father said, "I introduced her to athletics at the age of 2 and tennis at the age of four. I noticed her fitness level is not yet above average. So I made sure she covers 25 lap to increase her endurance level." For me, Marylove is a lion, her father grinded her.

I was struck passionately by another statement of this ingenious tennis player. She is used to big rackets as other players of her age use the smaller ones. She said, "I am more comfortable with big rackets, I love big serves; they scare the opponents, because it shows at once that I want to have that point, not just to keep the ball in play."

Marylove at the age of 12, is now ranked 4th in Nigeria's Women Singles Tennis. I believe someday Marylove will be ranked first in the world.

I got 4 lesson's from this young talented player story.
1. You are never too young to champion big ambition. Just find what you are passionate about.
2. Follow your passion, it gives you joy and you will always win convincingly.
3. Practice,Train, Practice, Train: Marylove trained a lot to become whom she was today. To win you have to over grind yourself. Training gives you enough boost and confidence to win.
4. Be fearless: Mary never looked down on herself because of her age. She challenged older people. You are never too young to succeed and win.

Ultimately, if Marylove can do it, you can do it. It's never too late to champion big ambition. Fellas, dare big, dream big.

Kayode Alabi
Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker

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