Find your broom

We sweep our rooms and any littered place to keep it clean. We do it because we cannot afford to live in a stuffy place. Our dirty rooms and littered place is our community, environment and country which we need to purify. And, how do we purify it? By finding your broom.

What's your broom? Your broom is you. Your talent. That stuff you need to identify to sanitize and clean the Community. Your broom might be talking to student on Career Choice and Leadership like I do. Your broom might be inspiring other people to avoid negativity and challenging them to pursue their dreams. Your broom might be providing shelter for the less privilege. Your broom might be helping mothers to deliver safely and watch their kids grow normally, like my mentor Adepeju Jaiyeoba is doing. Your broom might be giving people information they need to grow, like my friend Enamudu Phytagoras is doing. Your broom might be girl child advocacy/ child advocacy like my friend Raji Oluwatobi and Grace Anuforo are doing respectively. Your broom might be promoting Agriculture like my cousin Abdulsalam Toheeb is doing. Your broom might be First Aid administration, like my friend Dare Akinfosile and Lola El Imam are doing. Your broom might be Bag and Shoe producing, like my friend Aare is doing.

Your broom might be providing solution to unemployment, poverty rate and positively shifting the Human Development Index. Find your broom and sweep clean and perfectly. What is worth doing is worth doing well. Your broom is your talent, use it well and with all passion create that change you have been envisioning.

Again, find your broom, it's your talent and your way of cleansing the world. The world is too dirty and it needs you to bring out the best in you to clean it. Your broom is the impact you are making to your community.

My friend, what's your broom?


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    1. You are welcome. You are using your broom very well. I can see it.


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