I am wired differently

Back in the days, I was discussing with my uncle and I told him that I am not scared in any gathering. He was surprised. I said I am not scared anywhere I found myself. You may have everything in this world, which is not possible.
You may be the richest person in the world. You may be the son or daughter of the most influential person in the world. I do not care. I care about myself, what I do and what I have.

I said to my uncle, I said, "I am not those people who look low on themselves, feel inferior and bury whom they are because they are in a gathering. I have what they do not have. I am distinguished and I got wired differently. No matter how much I get rejected, I got wired. I was rejected for a particular fellowship thrice and I said silently to myself...I said, "I will get it." Kayfactor doesn't start something without completing it. I am wired about what I want to offer. My dreams and vision. I am wired about it. You know reaching over 4 million high school students in Sub-Saharan Africa on career talk is a crazy statement. Yes, it is. But I am wired to do that. I am wired to liberate. I am wired to achieve that. You dare me, I wire you. I dare greater things.

I write everyday, because I am wired to inspire. You need to find that stuff that wires you, that something that beats you out of bed to chase your dreams. Some of us need to be rewired, because we are not happy with our current state. I used to tell people that I do not want to be the norm. I want to be abnormal ( above normal) I am wired to be above normal. I stayed up late in the night, to listen to motivational speeches and talks by great people. I stayed up late in the night to do my stuffs. Compose my writings, read articles. I stayed up to stretch myself. I am wired to do all those things to improve. Normal people don't stay up late in the night. I am not the norm....I am not average. I am wired and you should be too.

Guys, be wired to be abnormal.

Kayode Alabi
Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker.

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