Dominate, Don't Compete

I posted on my Facebook Wall that do not compete, dominate. If you want to know why send me a personal message and some did and this is the compilation of my replies.
One said, why should I Dominate? And another just simply asked why?

Wow. Yeah. I will give certain instances.

In tennis: we have different grand slams winner. Maria sharapova, Victoria Azarenka and the rest. They have been no 1 before but people still yearn Serena and Venus williams...why because they dominated. They won virtually all their games and even lose to this people but they are known. They made 84 million dollars from tennis....they Dominated.

You said you want to become the best entrepreneur, you have to dominate. In the Cement Industry: you guys know of Lafarge Cement, Bua Cement and the rest. But dangote came and he dominated. Why? Dangote did not stay in Nigeria alone...he spread his tentacles and broke all competition. He dominated. If you want to be successful you have to dominate. You have to wake up early to hunt, to work. You have to be ready to be rejected. When I started inspirational writing people said to me. They said, "are you sure you will pull through with this." I said to myself, "I want to be the best motivational speaker and writer in the world."

When others are sleeping, you do not. I do not want to compete. I want to dominate. Dominate your area...your field, your specialization. I don't know whether you know there are better great football players. We have Delima Ronaldo, zindenine Zidane, Neymar Junior, Ronaldhino but what happened to all these people. Messi and Ronaldo won the Balloon d Or 9 times. They are the most successful football player of all time. They dominated. Ronaldo worked so hard to outwork his opponents. 70% percent is no good. You give 100, yes I meant it. If you want to win and want it as bad as you breathe. You need to dominate and be grinded.

Well...I guess you all know there are other artiste who had made it in the Movie Industry. We have Toyin Aimahku, We have Bukky wright and others. But look at this woman Funke Akindele aka Jenifa. She created a niche for herself. She was grinded and she dominated the movie industry with her series.

Dominate, do not compete.

I want you to challenge yourself grinded and dominate. Dominate in what you do.

Kayode Alabi
Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker

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