If you do not Jump, you will never Fly

Everyday, we are forced to make some certain decisions that affects our life and the life of others, but if we don't make those decisions, we will never grow. This is just like someone who is at the cliff, trying to jump over and he has no choice to go back. It is either he stays there forever and live his life without leaving a mark or Jump, take that risk and fly over.

This is a simple analogy. The back represent your past. We can never go back to our past. What has happened in the past has happened. We have no power to change it but it can give us some cue to the future. The present matters a lot. If you wait to much without taking any action, you would just see life has just passed you by. You are old already and you could not do anything. Your friends have gotten a rewarding future, they passed you by because they Jumped. So, there is no gain in waiting.

I want to encourage us to try new things, new products, new services and bring our ideas to fore, because if we wait too much, life will pass us by and we will just discovered, we have waisted years waiting too long. Another particular thing is when you jump, you jump against the winds, and it might blow you hard, but you challenged it so hard to get to your destination. The road may never be smooth, you need to be strong and try as much as possible to reach your destination. You will face challenges from people, friends, families and even from your idea but never give up. And that's where you need passion. I tell myself often that, "I believe I can do anything, if I can conceive it and believe." The moment you take action and you repeat over and over again. It manifest in your behaviour and attitudes. We are who we are, when we act who we are.

So, I am challenging us to change our current state. You can always be happy, if you take that bold step and for once do that stuff and make that decision that will please you and not others. That decision that will change your life positively. You have waited so long, because you were loyal to some people and you cannot just leave them but you need to make those tough choices, because you owe nobody's nothing, you owe yourself. So, you are the responsibility of your failure or success.

Jump and Fly now.
Thank you

Kayode Alabi
Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker.

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