Everyday Winner, Everyday Champion

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Everyday Winner, Everyday Champion.
Today, I want to unveil to you all, a prospect and my favorite tennis player. I know you are all thinking of Serena Williams, Venus Williams or Maria Sharapova but I am bringing to you the superstar Oiza Yakubu, a 12 year old Tennis rookie . Oiza...Oiza...I think you all need to watch her play and see how she strike the ball with her left, golden hand. She possess great strength and
a strong, resilient heart and that was what amazed me about this young girl.
Oiza trains hard and her endurance is superb. I watched her play and trained today and I could see in her, a champion and No1 in the world. You know, for a young girl as such to combine school with sports. It isn't easy and she is doing fine. She goes to school and still play tennis, especially on weekends when she is meant to rest. She kept working and working. And, her hard work will pay off someday. She plays with older people and I believe she can beat any body.

Also, Oiza hates to lose point and that's her winning mentality, her strength...I can see in her that she wants to win all other points even if she loses the first point. I engaged her today and asked her, Oiza, you can be the No 1 in Nigeria. She said, "No I don't want to be No1 in Nigeria...I want to be the No 1 in the world." And I affirmed. I said yes and nobody can stop you. She wants to win everyday and for me, she is my champion everyday. Find her words below and I believe you all should be inspired by it,
" The next point, I am winning it. The next game, I am winning it.
I am a winner, Oiza is a winner. I do not fall, I am strong."

This is the strongest tennis player ever...I can see it in her and she will come through.
I am telling you all that, winning is a mentality and losing too. You can always choose to win. Then...you work everyday. What are you doing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday...Sunday. what are you doing all those days. If Oiza can make each day count to be the best version of herself and champion the world. You can too. You can break barriers early enough. You are never too young to be No 1. Guys, watch out for this young girl.

Oiza, I will always be your supporter and I am waiting for the day, you will be No 1 in the world. I know you can do it. Only you can do it. Only you can do it better. I believe.

Kayode Alabi
Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker.

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