What is the smaller version of your bigger dream?

I am writing this to you struggling currently to reach the top by all possible means. This is coming from my heart to you, life is in phases, when you jump a phase, you miss a great lesson that would help you to reach the top. I even watch some people want to make millions within a second, it is not possible, you have to start something. Start small, before you can be a millionaire, you have to be a hundrednaire, thousandnaire first but if i should ask many of us, we would say we want to become a millionaire, billionaire. My friend you have to start small, we appreciate things we built from the scratch.

I was talking to a friend just of recent and I was amazed by his vision. He said he want to build a business from the scratch and take it to stock exchange market. Now, he has volunteered as an employee to learn the rudiments of the business. He search for customers, help in sales and purchases, go for extra trainings at weekend and he is really learning big time. Sometimes, we want to become a billionaire overnight without having a smaller version of your vision. Your vision might be to be the most successful athletes in the world but you have failed to represent your class or level in departmental or class race.

You need to start from somewhere, do not wait until you own a million naira to start a business or build your dream. You see, sometimes we go and push too fast. If you miss one phase of development in life, you might find it difficult to reach the top or when you get to the top, it might be difficult for you. However, if we follow the normal phase, if we fall, it would be easier for us to get up and start again strongly. Our lesson during these phases would serve as experience and basis for leadership.

Before you can lead, you have to follow, An intelligent follower will easily transit to become a great leader. We follow for a reason, we follow to learn.

Before you can become successful in a business, you have to start something, at some point you will fail, everything will become difficult but they are teaching you lessons to become a great business person.

I am writing this to you, not because I want to write or talk but to inspire you to start and take that baby step to achieve the smaller version of your bigger dream. I can't wait to hear your success story soon. The question now is, what is the smaller version of your bigger dream. Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.

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