The Bigger your Dreams, the Harder you Grind

I am talking to you, you reading this, you with great goals and bigger dreams. The bigger your dreams, the more work you need to do. The bigger your dreams, the harder the hustle. It's your dream and nobody else. You own it and to become great in it, you have to earn it. I want to become and beat Serena Williams record...and be known all over the world. A big dream right, yeah. Then you need to do what she does and above. You need to grind and you need to hustle.

Again, I want to be the greatest Social Entrepreneur and provide solutions to people faced with the tyranny of poverty and create a world filled with prosperity and posterity. Then you have to grind, you have to work, hardwork works, working really hard. You have to wake up early to do things other will not do. You have to take advantage of your time. You shouldn't give time the chance to cheat you, take advantage of it. Defeat it. You have to be like the lion, dominate like the lion, wake up early like the lion and celebrate wins like the lion. The lions don't celebrate wins for a long period of time. When they win, they go back to hunt. The bigger the dream the harder the grind. Daily grind, weekly grind, monthly grind, yearly grind... If your dream is worth fighting for, then you have to hustle for it.

One of the most hardest thing to do, is to visualize the good stuff, when things are going bad. As you grind and work for your bigger dreams, there are time things will surely go bad. Then, you have to take that time to learn and reform. When things are going bad, we learn more and we transform. We become more humble in the process and we still focus on our dreams. If you can achieve one thing through failure or hardship, you can achieve anything. I believe, I can achieve anything. I believe I can be the best inspirational and motivational speaker and writer in the world. I can visualize and it is manifesting. The bigger the dream, the harder the grind. Hustle to study for your dreams, hustle to blow the trumphet for your dreams, because only you could do that.

You got this guys. Remember, the bigger the dream, the harder the grind.
Work and hustle for your dreams. Thank you for reading!
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  1. You are really inspiring brother...keep paddling without ceasing, your canoe is just a while to the bank. Paddling ceaselessly will definitely bring your flag up and high.

    1. Thank you very much for the wonderful commendation, advice and prayer. God bless you.Amen.


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