Let your Background Motivates you

I know you must have got some crazy life stories and I know some don't even have any life stories at all, but we all have a background. We are all coming from one places or the other. We all have had different experiences in our lives.
Your experiences should motivate you, your experiences should challenge you.

Yeah, I am rich, I have everything I need at my finger tips and I was born with a silver spoon. That should motivate you to help others. Some cannot get everything they need, some were not born with a silver spoon. Some had to eat from the dirt. You being rich can motivate you to give back and pull someone up.

I have had series crazy lifetime. I grew up in the ghetto of Makoko. At a point in my family, things were going well and all of a sudden, things went bad. You know, eating three square meal was difficult. I could recall how it was hard for my dad to pay my school fee. I could recall after taking breakfast and expecting exotic lunch but all I saw was 10 Naira to buy beans and I sprinkled garri on it. That was for the afternoon and we had to struggle for dinner. Life was tough and difficult.

I have always had it in mind that I know where I am coming from and I have to be successful at what I do. I have to help my community and that's why I liberate every soul through my story. Probably, sometimes you see me feeling ignited but hidden in my heart are scars challenging me to do more. Challenging me to improve. Challenging me to be the best version of myself. Challenging me to success.

Many times, people look at me and say why is he so crazy but they never knew it was my background motivating me to be the best. Whether you rich or poor let your background motivates you to be successful. Being poor or rich doesn't make you a success.

Be the light through which other people see.

Be Inspired by your background.

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