Every step toward progress is a step more spiritual”- Mary Baker EDDY.

I was always busy during my undergraduate days and still am.

I lived by the 30 minutes rule, which always made the difference.

I recall that my typically schedule was always in this manner:

I would wake up as early as 5:00am to read till 5:30am and then pray till 6:30am.
After which I would dash down to school for my lectures.
After the lectures for the day, I would stay back for any departmental/organizational meetings, the Red Cross etc.

After such a tiring day, I would still take on tutorials for students, a service which I rendered for free throughout my stay at the University.

Then, I would struggle to get on a bus back home, have some prayer time and most likely still meet some students on my way back who might need my help.

Sometimes, I had to spend some extra time meant for my personal studies to attend to fellow students. And all theses I did with a lot of joy and passion.

Many times, I had little or no rest at the Department level because, I was always attending to one student or the other. But after a stressful day, I was usually left with some 30 minutes and that was always between 11:00pm to 11: 30pm or 5:00am to 5:30am. I used those spare minutes to read and I read with all my heart.

30 minutes always made the difference and I ensured that I read something every day.

30 minutes made the difference and I eventually emerged as the best in my department.

Have you ever thought of losing some weight?

Dedicate some 30 minutes of your morning to exercising.

Do that continuously for a year and you will indeed see the huge difference it makes.

Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Dedicate some 30 minutes of the day to writing at least 2 pages and see how much you would have written in six months.

Have you ever thought of acquiring more knowledge in your area of expertise?

Dedicate some 30 minutes of your day to reading at least five pages worth of information in that field and see how much you would have gained in just a short space of two years.

You most likely would have emerge as a genius in that field.

Have you ever thought of an increase in your spirituality walk?

Dedicate some 30 minutes of your day to praying and with your whole heart talk to your God and watch an increase in your spiritual walk within a space of five months.

If we all can dedicate some 30 minutes every day to actually pursue those things for which we desire great improvements, we would all become better individuals.

30 minutes made the difference.

Be inspired. Drop your comment, if you find this helpful.

 By Kayode Alabi (Kayfactor).


  1. Amazing write up. Thanks for this.

  2. This is really educative and inspiring. Thank you sir for this.

  3. Inspiring
    Thanks sir
    I'm going to try this

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