Your Big Story

Yes, I really am glad and appreciate the great job you’ve done thus far in your work and career. However, I like to challenge your status quo.
This is because you must continue.
So go on, write that big and convincing story.

Well, maybe you’ve have been trying to get there but are not there yet.
You may wonder, what then is your convincing story?

Your convincing story lies not in your current realities, success stories or your past stories.
It is the story of your victories over life’s difficulties, challenges and how you conquered.
It is a story, whose script may take you years to write.

You may wonder, “How can I write a convincing story?”
You write by starting now, engaging yourself in those big ideas you have.
Those big ideas of yours will involve many people and impact millions of people.
You will indeed face some difficulties in achieving this.
But in the end, the story will be an everlasting story that you will always be proud of.

So fellas, we need to keep challenging ourselves, knowing and believing that from the small victories we have today, our big stories will emerge.

Yes, it might take you years to write.
You might cry to write it.
You might stretch yourself to write it... probably out of a place of nothingness.
You might even need to sacrifice so many things to write it.
You must keep at it.

However, to write such a big story, it must involve a compelling Vision, Persistency, Consistency, Courage, Hard work, Cooperation, Integrity, Humility and maybe more.

I often remind and tell myself “You are yet to write the big story and you know it will take years”.

So guys, what are you doing to write your big story?

Know this, small stories make bigger ones and together we can write that great story that moves the World, a story that will serve as a platform of inspiration to many.

My big story... Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.


  1. This is great. Now I have that at the back of my mind. Thanks a lot. Tobzy


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