A letter to my Friend

Dear Friend,

How are you? and How have you been? I am writing to intimate you about your dreams you never put into actions. I know you are enjoying your current state of employment.

You are working with a big company, you have gotten a big car, expensive dress with a Rolex but I recently heard you took a loan of millions of naira to buy these. You have been living above your means and you have been caged living somebody else's life. My friend you need to wake up.

Also, I could recall you told me two (2) years ago that you would go into iron business but up till this moment you never gave it a try.

A year ago, you told me you wanted to venture into agribusiness but you have been analyzing up till this time (Analysis Paralysis).

5 months ago, you said your calling is to write books but you are yet to published in any blog, even not on your Facebook wall. My friend, just imagine you are very old, you can no longer move your limbs and your arms are weak.

Lying in the bed, you began to think about what you didn't do, you started regretting about the books you never wrote, about the ideas you never executed, the words you never spoke, living your life full of regrets and all you saw was that you actually never lived. 

This reminds me of the last time we spoke, you told me, your parents and colleagues at work want you to do this and don't want you to do that.

My friend, are you accountable to yourself or others? you run your show and you own your vision. People will laugh at you, people will tell you, what is that idiot doing? Some will tell you, your idea is stupid and it won't take you far. Don't stop, don't relent, keep doing what you are doing and surprise them later. Persistence is what distinguish winners from losers.

My loving friend, I urge you to start taking action and take control over your future. Some men have lived and faded away but great people never faded. They are always remembered for their good works. You don't have to be successful to get started, you have to get started to be successful. 

This is just the bitter truth my friend, I love you that's why I am telling you these.

I can't say more than this. God bless your dreams. If you find this helpful, drop your comment below. Thank you for reading!

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