What kind of company would my company be if everybody in it was just like me”- Brian Tracy. 

As leaders, it is very important that we watch our actions and always lead by example.
We often call ourselves leaders, yet we fail to lead ourselves.
Before you can influence others, you first have to influence yourself by doing those things that portray the leadership standard you expect from others.

Leadership starts from your home.
How do you contribute to the development and wellbeing of the home?

As a husband, do you really play your role?
Do you shout and nag about everything.
Just imagine if everyone nags in the home, what do you think will be the resulting effect?

As a wife, do you go about gossiping about the happenings of your home?
Just imagine if everyone in the home gossips, what do you think will be the resulting effect?

As a child, are you always inconsiderate?
Do you change the figures of your school fees, with extra charges?
Do you craft lies about what textbooks you need to buy next?
What do you think will be the resulting effect, if everyone in the home chooses to be inconsiderate?

As a manager, supervisor or lead at your organization, do your official hours at work begin at 12:00pm instead of 8:00 am and also choosing to close early by 4:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm?
Just imagine the kind of productivity that is likely to ensue, if everyone at the organization resumed their official duties on their own terms.

We certainly need to start walking the talk and behaving positively.
The question is, “How would the world be if everybody were just like you?”

So, whenever you choose to make certain decisions or take certain actions, kindly put them to test.
Put your conduct to test by asking, “What if everybody were like me?”

What if everybody were like me? 
Think about that.

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