Avoid Managerial Ego and Choose Strategy.

Whether you work in the Profit or Non Profit space, you have to be careful of the managerial ego.

What is Managerial Ego? Managerial Ego is a phenomenon known in the management trade as "empire building." an urge to create fiefdoms with pumped- up staffs and budgets that match the inflated ego of the perpetrator- and it can sabotage your team, bottom line and worse.

In a simpler term, it means following the top management idea without criticizing (positive criticism) and weighing the pros and cons. Will it yield profit or not? Most organizational failure are sometimes caused by managerial ego.

My idea is the best and that's what we have to follow. Every suggestions have to be critically analyzed and we should ensure it favors the organization.

Brian Tracy confirmed that "sometimes businesses fail because of managerial ego. This happens when the decision maker invests his or her ego in a course of action that is not working, in a person who obviously cannot do the job, or in a product or service that is not selling.

Most of us, have made the mistake of hiring wrong hands because of our ego without considering competency and credibility. Imagine, what would be of your company if everyone in it is incompetent or if the competent ones are working on the wrong project due to your decision.

Ultimately, for every decision, weigh your options, strategize and choose the one that best works not ego.

Choose strategy, avoid ego!
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