Weigh your Standard

At every point in our lives, we need to look and reflect at where we are and where we are going to.

We need to weigh our standard and it start by who we are surrounded with.

Currently, look at those around you. Are they the people that will take you to where you are going or people that will bring you low?

Judge yourself by your network.

Do you want to be around mediocres and average minded people ? Or do you want to be amidst big game changers? People who have purpose, take risk and move from their comfort zone to their creative zone.

Ask yourself, why am I here?

Weigh your current state and standard and then upgrade.

It may take you leaving some of your friends behind and picking new friends that will stretch and grow you.

It's not about them, it's about you.

Move with people who will help you take you to where you are going to.

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