Leaders Are Deep Thinkers

In the coming days, I will be taking some extra time to talk about a fundamental topic, Leadership. 

Leaders believe the unseen and seen and make sound judgement based on what is unveiled. 
They see the possibilities in the impossibilities. 
They see the known in the unknown. 
They hear what is spoken from the unheard. 
They listen to their inner voice. 
The inner voice is always put before the outer voice. 

As leaders, it's very important to listen to the inner voice and avoid distractions from the outer voice.
In other words, it's the mental before the physical, to complement the sayings above. 
So, you have to listen before you talk and write. 

But our society has placed more emphasis on appearances and has taken little cognizance of thoughts. Thoughts are things in the creative stage. 
So, before you set out to judge your team mates, friends, relatives, employees or colleagues. 
Take out some time to listen to yourself, the situation and come up with the right appraised solutions.

The world would be better, if only we can listen to our hearts and think deeply before we take actions, such as firing our workers based on their first mistake. 
The world would be more peaceful, only if we see the good in our nation and act righteously within and without and not merely for the public’s endorsement. 
The world would be greater, if only we stop complaining about bad governance and do the little we can in our capacity to enhance growth and development. 

Your creativity results from your thinking. 
You can't create before you think, you think before you create. 
This truth is affirmed in the words of “Dennis Kimbro” from his book "What Makes The Great Great.", he said: "Start with the dream, the vision, begin to imagine and as you do, you will create. The time of thinkers has come!"  

Leaders are deep thinkers.  

Thank you for reading! Drop your comment below if you don't this helpful. 

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