The power of You

Walking through the streets of obalende, I came across a book titled the power of I am. I didn't get to buy the book but I was amazed by the front cover. Strikingly, I got the inspiration of who we are and our purpose on earth. I came to understand that we possess great powers that we can use to our advantage. Within us, is the will to succeed but it is quite unfortunate that we never gave success the ability to grow. We stunt success through our lack of courage, persistence, patience and consistency.

The question now is who are you? Ask yourself again who am I ? Then, you will gradually reveal to yourself the true you. Who am I? I am that person that gives up easily on a task, I am that another person that doubt my decision, I am that another person that is scared to become who I want to become because of what people will say, I am that person that is pessimistic.

In another dimension, unveil to you will be i am that person that is courageous, brave and do not give up on task, I am that person that believe in me, I am that person that have positive outlook about life, I am that person that believes I can really make what I want and become great. I am optimistic about me being successful.

Check and review yourself and look out for the bad habits you need to sieve away, although it's not easy but it is easy when you face it now. Be positive, say to yourself that it is not over until you win, you are going to face challenges along the way, do not  run. You want to become an Entrepreneur, say to yourself, I am the most successful entrepreneur in the world, yes you are. We become what we think and we say often. Dr Wayne Dyer said, "As you think so shall you become. Be positive. I am the result of what I think, do and become.

I CAN, Yes you can.
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