Follow Your Mind

I was fond of answering questions in class during my undergraduate days.

So, on a certain day, a guy came to me and said, "man you will get noticed and you might fail"

I replied by heart. I said, "no disrespect brother, I would never stop being myself and answering questions"

However, the day I tried to please people by keeping quiet and not talking in class. I didn't feel it, I was embarrassed and not satisfied. I noticed something was missing. I said,"This was not me, I am more than this." 

I am talking to you reading this article that what is currently happening in your life is more than this. It is beyond what people say about you.

You are more than your current state. Do not try to please people. Follow your mind! And keep growing.

Again, what you need to know is; whenever I answer questions, I know more, I learn more and it is a way of revising and building confidence. It was a simple strategy nobody knew but me.

Sometimes, I got answers wrongly, but it doesn't mean a thing to me rather I got corrected and it got sticked.


Whenever you try to follow your mind and do what pleases your heart, what gives you joy and happiness. People would definitely talk you down. They would want to stop you with their advice. Yeah, advices are good but you decide what goes in and what remains outside.

When you follow your mind, people would definitely look down on you. Why? Because they could not do what you do and they can never just be like you.

You have the sole right to attract what is right and neglect what is wrong.

To dominate, you have to follow your mind and be free. Freedom from negativity. Mind you, you cannot do without negative people. They make you stronger. They challenge you to greatness and the only way to keep them shut; is to keep working, keep striving, avoid peripheral vision and keep your eye on the goal.

Everybody wants the price but to get it you have to be you and follow your mind.

Follow your mind! Follow your mind!

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  1. Hammed your motivationAl tidbits are powerful. Keep rocking. Help us go above the stars.

    1. Thank you very much for the comments and thank you for reading! I appreciate.

  2. Great Great article. I strongly believe those weird things about me that people don't understand are same things that make me unique and extraordinary, hence why conform and be ordinary or normal or casual? I shall work on my strengths till the become my core competences and make myself my competition till i become the best of my better. Thank you Kayode

  3. Wow. I admire your spirit. Then go and be the best you can ever be. Keep growing beyond your limit. The moon is waiting for your foot prints. The world is waiting Esther.

    Thank you for reading!

  4. This is inspirational. People will always try to pull you down out of jealousy or disbelief in your dreams. But then, there is only one YOU. Live your life.

    1. There is only one YOU. That was apt. Thank you for reading!


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