Review your Mission Statement Today

Success of every individual and organization lies in their mission statement. Your ability to communicate your mission statement with several people will determine your success.

What are mission statements? Mission statements are coined out from the vision statement. It is the statement that clearly show what you and your organization does. It gives you a sense of direction and moves you towards achieving your organizational goals.
 Your mission statement should be clear and understood by everyone even the lay men. And, the act and work of everyone in the organization should be guided by the mission statement.

Some mission statements are vague, ambiguous and cannot be easily communicated. Therefore I will be educating us on how to create a mission statement.

N.B: 1. A mission statement must declare your purpose.

2. A mission statement must include method of achieving your purpose.

3. While communicating it, it should include measurable terms. It should be measurable.

E.g Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy Mission Statement;
To help young people discover their purpose and forge trajectory for their lives (Purpose) through entrepreneurial, leadership and character Education using the Interest - Strength Model (Method). Through our programs we look forward to reaching millions of young people accross Africa ( Measure).

A mission statement should be reviewed often due to changes in technology, market and other observable demography.

The reason why some companies or organization have failed to move forward is because the mission statement is not adaptable to change. The vision and core values statement can stand but the mission statement should be often checked.

Review your Mission Statement Today!

Thank you for reading!

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