Passion Driven Girl

I was invited to talk to 200 girls on Passion today and I had a splendid time helping young girls to chart their life.

I will be sharing the talking points of the event below;

1. To reach the point of value as a young girl you have to dream. And, you do not have to dream small, you have to dream big. I asked three of the girls what they want to become in the future and they said Neurosurgeon, Lawyer and Pediatrician respectively. I was wowed with their various responses and I took them on how to become the best version of themselves.

2. Find your why. Your why will lead you to your purpose. You might choose to become a lawyer. Why are you a lawyer? We have so many people today who dont know why they are what they are. Then, everyone want to be the best. Everybody wants to become what you want to become and you must out work them.

3. You cannot cheat nature. The law of labor favor those who work. You can't earn what you did not deserve. You have to work really hard to reach the point of value. When others are giving 70%, you have to give 120%. You have to wake up early enough and sleep late. Success did not come to Folorunsho Alakija on the platter of Gold. She worked for it.

4. Develop the right attitude towards people and life. Never look down on anyone and whenever you fail, don't cry but learn. Also, develop the right type of skills and knowledge. It is what you know that will change your address. Your background should not be your permanent address. You can change your life and your world. You can create your world and what you want.

5. The kind of friends you roll with will determine the kind of place your roll too. What kind of friends do you keep. Be around people who have purpose and you will be successful.

6. Ultimately, You need courage to be successful because you will face hard times. Never give up in the journey. I ended with the quote of James .J. Corbett. He said, "when your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the centre of the ring, fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard, fight one more round. When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish your opponent would crack you on the jaw and put you out to sleep, fight one more round. Remember, the man who always fight one more round is never whipped."

Thank you Nigerian Red Cross Alimosho Division for the Invite and for the amazing people I met, Thank you.

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